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Tensar® Triaxial (TX) and Biaxial (BX) Geogrids are manufactured from a punched and drawn polypropylene sheet that resists high, short-term dynamic loads or moderate loads over longer time periods. Their single layer, open aperture structures interlock with natural fill materials. Biaxial (BX) geogrids provide tensile stiffness in two primarily directions. Triaxial (TX) geogrids tensile stiffness extends in three directions creating near isotropic performance characteristics. Increased tensile stiffness along with triangular geometry, greater rib depth and improved junction efficiency result in better performance than Biaxial (BX) geogrids.

The Spectra Pavement System has been used for:
  • Paved highways and secondary roads
  • Parking areas for commercial and industrial facilities
  • Airport runways and taxiways
  • Truck freight distribution centers and terminals
  • Heavily loaded equipment yards at port, rail, intermodal, and industrial facilities
  • Haul roads
Tensar Biaxial (BX) Geogrids
Reasons to Use Geogrids

Improve Site Access
Tensar TX Geogrids help you get out into the site, even in bad weather or poor soil conditions. On sites you can barely walk on, you can simply roll out the grid and push out a layer of aggregate. Now you've got a firm, free-draining platform or a reliable access road. With TX Geogrids, bad sites and poor weather won't be such a scheduling challenge.

Reduce Cut and Fill
Removing bad soils is getting more and more expensive. Contaminated areas require special (and costly) disposal. Now you can work on top of weak soils with a layer of TX Geogrids and aggregate fill. The result—less undercutting. backfilling, and disposal costs. And don't forget Industrial Fabrics, Inc. has the experience to determine the right fill thickness to achieve the support you need.

Reduce Aggregate Fill THickness
In test after test, TX Geogrids have shown their value, enabling thinner, reinforced aggregate fill with the same bearing capacity and serviceability as thicker unreinforced fill, or even a fill underlain by fabric. Reductions in aggregate fill thickness can be established.

Value Engineer for Profit
You can Value Engineer (VE) for profit by using TX Geogrids to construct thinner fill layers. Where curbs determine the final pavement grade or existing utilities limit undercutting, you can construct a reliable but thinner base course without sacrificing durability and without expensive reconstruction or utility rerouting. TX Geogrids can really help in fast track projects and projects with high costs associated with aggregate fill, overexcavation, or haul off.

Reduce Maintenance
TX Geogrids have saved time and money on thousands of jobs. A key advantage is reliability. Once installed, the surface needs less maintenance than a surface underlain by fabrics. On jobs across the U.S., site access roads built with TX Geogrids have stood up to repeated passes of fully loaded haul trucks with little or no maintenance, even on sites where fabrics have failed.

Simplify Installation
Our light weight rolls are easy to handle and easy to cut in the field. They make it simple to adapt to curves and utility projections. The biggest advantage in installation: you can roll Tensar Geogrids out on the subgrade and walk on them, even in the weakest soil conditions. Adjacent rolls of TX Geogrids normally don't require any connection, since aggregate fill simultaneously interlocks with overlapping geogrid apertures. No sewing is required.

PERMATIZE your next location with TENSAR TX160 and save on EXPENSIVE ROCK COST

By using TX160 Geogrid the unbound aggregate can be reduced by about 40% - 60%

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