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GlasGrid® Pavement Reinforcement
Self-adhesive, fiber glass grid to reinforce roadways, concrete joints, construction joints for road widening and major intermittent transverse cracks.

Pavement Underseal Membranes
Results strongly suggest that a properly selected and applied waterproofing membrane will reduce the oxygen and moisture supply at the rebar level enough to lower corrosion activity to non-destructive levels.

The most widely used paving fabric in the world, can be a much more efficient and cost effective way to control moisture problems than retrofitting edge drain systems to typically poor draining road basses.

Tensar® Base Reinforcement Triaxial (TX) and Biaxial (BX) Geogrids
Tensar Geogrids are manufactured from a punched and drawn polypropylene sheet that resists high, short-term dynamic loads or moderate loads over longer time periods. These products carry loads applied in any direction in the plane of the geogrid.