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Silt Fence

Silt fence is a temporary sediment barrier of entrenched permeable geotextile fabric designed to intercept and slow the flow of sediment-laden sheet flow runoff from small areas of disturbed soil.

The purpose of this practice is to reduce slope length of the disturbed area and to intercept and retain transported sediment from disturbed areas.

Industrial Fabrics manufactures SILT FENCE in a variety of styles of configurations. Our products meet various State and City regulations. Available in different fabrics with wood or reinforced metal posts.

From 50 feet to 50 miles, we're equipped to handle any size silt fence job.

How is a Silt Fence Installed?
Prefabricated silt fence should be used whenever possible to minimize installation labor requirements. An 8 inch deep trench is dug along the silt fence alignment. The silt fence is unrolled and stretched tight while the posts are driven at least 16 inches below the ground surface. Sections of silt fence shall be joined at a post by overlapping the geotextile 6 inches and wrapping it around the post before the post is driven. The wire shall be overlapped and wired to the post. After the silt fence is erected, the trench is backfilled and the backfill is tamped by wheel rolling with small equipment or foot traffic.

What Maintenance is Needed?
The silt fence must be inspected after every runoff event. Any damage must be repaired immediately. Sediment and other debris must be removed from the upstream side of the fence when it accumulates to the extent that visible bulges develop in the silt fence. The silt fence shall be removed after vegetation or other permanent erosion control measures are installed and functional.

Slope Steepness Maximum Slope Length
2:1 (50%) 50 feet
3:1 (33%) 75 feet
4:1 (25%) 125 feet
5:1 (20%) 175 feet
< 5:1 (<20%) 200 feet

Types of Silt Fence Available
3' x 100'
1¼' hardwood stakes on 10' centers
11 stakes per roll

3' x 100'
14 gauge wire-reinforced
metal post or hardwood stakes available
TXDOT Approved
3' x 100'
1½" hardwood stakes on 8' centers
13 stakes per roll

LA DOT Approved
3' x 100'
1½" hardwood stakes on 6' centers
18 stakes per roll

TXDOT & LADOT 3' x 100'
14 or 12½ gauge wire-reinforced metal T-post or hardwood stakes available
2" x 4" Welded Wire

* Specialty Silt Fence available upon request
* 4" x 4" Welded wire available upon request
* 8" Cable Ties available upon request

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